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Prepare For Your Visit To Camp!


 Below are our polices, along with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us before booking!

What To Expect

  • What is your Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation Policy: Please read in full before booking. We are putting this at the top so we can get the least fun part out of the way! Each listing on our website has its own Individual cancellation policy. Review the policy published on the listing at the time of booking- that policy will also be emailed to you in your confirmation email. The policy may occasionally vary during promotional periods- your reservation will always follow the policy on your confirmation. Due to our limited inventory, our cancellation policy is strict and no exceptions are made. We recommend ALL guests purchase at least a basic level trip insurance package from a third-party trip insurance provider for last minute cancellations. Why buy trip insurance? Because no one expects to cancel when they book, the number one thing we hear from folks needing to cancel who have not purchased insurance is "we never expected to need to cancel". We can not offer rescheduling or credits during our no refund periods. Common reasons for canceling (and why we recommend insurance) A family member or friend passes away You fall ill with covid or another illness and are not up to visiting Your companions are not able to join you The weather is bad (no refunds are given for foul weather and all our tents are waterproof) A Hurricane or other weather related trip interruption- note hurricane season is usually between August and November- trip insurance will cover this if purchased BEFORE the hurricane has been named. There is a state of emergency and you are worried about traveling. We do not sell trip insurance- you are welcome to purchase from the trip insurance company of your choice- one suggestion is generali insurance. If you booked a non-refundable rate and added flexible cancellation : With the flexible cancellation add on you can cancel your reservation up to 60 days prior for a 100% refund minus the flex fee or recieve a 50% refund if cancelled at least 29 days prior. You can also reschedule your stay if rescheduled at least 45 days prior.
  • Is there a minimum stay?
    Yes, we have a 2-night minimum weekday stay and a 2 night weekend minimum stay with the exception of our slide domes that have a 3 night weekend minimum stay. Holidays also require longer stays. None of our sites offer reservations that start and end on Saturdays. Check in and out days for Our Slide Domes are on Monday--Wednesday--and Friday only. For the two night stays for example you can stay Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. For the weekend You will check in on Friday and out on Monday.
  • Will there be BUGS?
    Yes. We have a "you will see bugs or your money back guarantee" :-) This is still camping and unlike a home, our sites are not 100% sealed up. Though we do our very best to un-invite them- you could see ants, spiders, ticks, unidentified crawly's, etc etc. We can't control how many you see or if you see them. If the idea of running into some spiders is going to make you "bug out" this experience may not be for you. (or any other insect/bug/tiny thannngs with legs) We can not give refunds based on whether or not these guys crash the party :)
  • Is there HEAT & AC
    All of our units have AC in them and some, but not all have a heat source (check each listing). How cool is that?! BUT please understand that our tents and domes are not insulated like normal homes. This means that the heat or AC can only raise or lower the temp by up to 15 degrees. To illustrate: in the peak of summer, if it's 90 degrees out in the middle of the day, the inside of the tent will still be hot when the sun is directly overhead (and most of our guests are out exploring town). We understand that this may be common sense to some folks, but our main priority is making sure our guests have accurate expectations. This is still camping with some added comforts- this is not a hotel room.
  • What is the Check in/ Check out time?
    Check-in is anytime after 4 pm Check-out is by 10 am Unfortunately, with our new Covid cleaning protocols we are no longer able to accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs.
  • What is the address? Can I take a tour?
    We have three properties and give registered guests our addresses. The location listed on each listings map is nearby our location, within 2 miles of our locations. Unlike a public campground, we are not open to through traffic. For our sanity and the safety and privacy of our guests our multiple property addresses are given only to registered guests and we do not offer tours. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Getting Around
    We are just 10 miles to downtown Asheville- less than a 20 minute drive. You will need a car to get around the area. Ubers and taxi's are sometimes available but not reliable.
  • Can I host a retreat at camp?
    We do not allow hosting retreats at camp or any gatherings where you are upselling or reselling the stay to others. For example, if you want to host a yoga retreat and are selling tickets that include a stay etc this is not allowed.
  • Does Glamping Mean it is nothing like Camping??
    No! In fact, "GOOD LAWWWWWWD NO!" :) We want folks to arrive with accurate expectations so we work hard at being transparent. Glamping with us is still camping with many, but not all added amenities like comfy beds and seating, fridges, heat and ac (see heat and ac section), and even some sites that have hot tubs! We are not a 5 star resort however. You are still outdoors, we do not have a concierge or food services, and you may even run into some bugs (see bugs section). If you've never been camping, this might not be for you but we are glad to answer any questions before you book! Please email us at
  • Are there things to do on the property?
    Our sites are set up like individual vacation rentals vs a resort so there are no on-site activities. Most sites have firepits with the exception of the treehouse and Dome 3 for fire hazard reasons. There are tons of things to do in the Asheville area off-site you can see more of our personal recommendations here We also recommend checking out Romantic Asheville as they are a wonderfully comprehensive resource for things to do in Asheville.
  • Do you allow Dogs?
    You can bring the doggos to one of our 3 dog-friendly rentals! Dog Friendly Dome 1 Dog Friendly Dome 2 The safari tent (which is also family-friendly and sleeps up to 5 people) Dogs are not allowed in any of our other rentals without exception. We appreciate your understanding. Dogs at our dog-friendly rentals must be on a leash at all times- Dogs can NEVER be left alone inside your rental- not even if you are just outside at the fire pit and not even if they are crated. Reason: If we experience a power outage and your dog has been left behind then it would be like being left in a hot car, putting your dog at risk. Dogs left alone have also tried to eat their way through the tent fabric (even trying to get to their owners who are just outside the rental) causing thousands in damages that the guest is responsible for. We require dog owners pick up after their pet's waste.
  • Can I change sites?
    We are always introducing new sites and a variation of this question comes up a lot : "We have a reservation at another site but we would like to move that reservation to the new site you are building." Unfortunately, unless you have added our flex cancellation policy which allows changes, this is not something we can allow. Please understand that this is because we depend on new funds coming in for sites that we are building to continue growing and adding to camp. We appreciate your understanding! If you added on the flex cancellation onto your booking a change to a completely different site can be made as long as it is made more than 60 days in advance. A change to different dates at the same site as the original reservation can be made up to 29 days in advance with flex cancellation.
  • Wi-Fi?
    We encourage all guests to unplug during their visit. In that spirit, there is no Wi-Fi at any of our sites though there is a clear cell phone signal with Verizon. We consider no Wi-Fi as an amenity allowing our guests to disconnect from the stresses of their daily lives and to reconnect with each other!
  • What is the bathroom situation?
    Half of our sites use a shared bath house and have no running water at the site itself - and half have their own private bathroom. If your site has an outdoor shower know that they are turned off when we have freezing temps- typically between October and the end of March. During that time they used the shared bath house that is 4 season. Each site is different so please read the listings description. If there is a portable toilet please know it is pumped once per week and not daily. The surfaces are cleaned in between each guest Note that none of the tents have actual bathrooms INSIDE of them. So if a tent says it has a private bathroom this means it is a bathhouse a few steps outside of the tent.
  • How do payment plans work and when are payments drafted?
    We occasionally offer payment plans. If you book with a promotional payment plan payments are drafted after the close of the business day prior to when they are listed as due. Reservations must be cancelled by no later than the end of business day ( 5pm est) the day before a payment is listed due to be drafted to avoid payment. Pre-payments are not refundable.
  • What Sites have Hot Tubs?
    Hikers Heaven Deluxe bell tent Star Dome Ultimate Slide Dome
  • Which Sites can accommodate families or groups?
    Ultimate Slide Dome sleeps up to 6 Slide Dome sleeps up to 8 Hikers Heaven sleeps up to 8 Safari tent sleeps up to 5 The rest of our sites accommodate only two people. Please note we can only allow the max occupancy listed for each site-- extra adults or children are not allowed.
  • How do I check in and do Sites have Keys?
    Since Covid, we have shifted to 100% self-check-in for the health of our guests. Since we now do all self check in you can go staight to your site upon arrival with no need to meet with anyone. Check in is any time after 4 pm and Check-out is by 10 am. We are unable to offer early check-ins or late check-outs. None of our rentals or tents have keys/lockable doors. If you are concerned about valuables we recommend locking them in your car though we do not have any issues with safety and we are not open to public traffic.
  • How far are sites spaced apart?
    We try to space sites out at least a few hundred feet but our property is not wooded so you will see other sites and guests from your own site.
  • What Should I Bring?
    All sites come wtih one bath towel per person listed on the reservation. We do not provide hand towels, wash cloths etc if you would like to bring them. If your site has a hot tub you may want to bring an extra hot tub towel. Beds come with sheets and blankets The bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper but bring your own personal toiletries like bath soap and shampoo/conditioner. Paper plates, utensils, cups etc. Many of our sites do not have kitchens with sinks and during covid we are not providing washables at the sites that do unless they have a dishwasher (hikers heaven does have a dishwasher and is fully stocked with dishes etc). Drinking water. Most sites do not have running water. Snacks and cold drinks- all sites but deluxe bell tent 2 have refrigerators Firewood and starter Bug spray for using on your own person (note we ask you do not spray it on indoor surfaces as it can damage the tents) Sunscreen for hiking and being outside- nothing ruins a vacation like a bad sunburn A flashlight for navigating outside. All sites have lights inside but we purposely keep outside lighting to a minimum to keep it dark for stargazing.
  • What kind of wildlife can I expect to see?
    Our properties are located in western North Carolina. The most frequent wildlife sightings are wild turkeys, an abundance of bunnies etc. Though extremely rare, it’s always possible to see a black bear because they live in the Carolinas as well. We do not have any trash storage inside the domes and have a bear proof dumpster to put trash in overnight. If you are lucky enough to see a bear just back away and let them pass on. Use common sense and do not approach or harass them.
  • How are we keeping our guests safe during COVID?
    Glamping is the perfect place to practice social distancing vs being in a crowded hotel! We are committed to the health and well-being of our guests and have shifted to all contactless check-in to limit exposure. We are also following CDC cleaning protocols for the safety of our guests and our housekeeping staff. Please note that we are no longer able to offer early check in's or check out's- we need all the time we have to properly clean and prepare our sites. We know after this past year that our guests are eager to get out of their homes- Asheville Glamping is the perfect place to adventure safely!
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