Christy and Hunt- Dome 1 Anniversary photos

Hunt wanted to do something special for his one year wedding anniversary with Christy. He found Asheville Glamping while looking for unique accommodations in Asheville and immediately knew that a weekend in Dome 1 would make for a memorable 1st anniversary celebration! We like the way he thinks.....To make their weekend even more special, Hunt surprised Christy by scheduling a photo shoot with me on the second day of their stay!

Does this photo not say it all? WEEKEND MOOD!!

Everyone wanted to know where Christy got her awesome sweater from- including myself! I guessed it might be by Pendleton and I was correct! You can buy it here: buy Christy's amazing sweater

This isn't sponsored by Pendleton...I'm honestly just trying to be helpful because lets be honest...I just bought one for myself (and it was on sale!).

I then asked Christy and Hunt if they would mind me invading their personal space. I mean REALLY getting up in their faces! Luckily these two were pretty easy going and obliged my request to experiment with a photo I have always wanted to try....and this ended up being my favorite photo out of their entire gallery!!

After this we shot some cozy photos inside Dome 1 on the bed- I asked them to pretend I wasn't took awhile for them to get comfortable but when they did....this is what it looked like :)

I then asked the pair to "give me your mean model faces!" (Vouge, are you paying attention?? Isn't there a scouting fee I'm entitled to or something?)

I always end each session by asking our guests to come up with one pose entirely on their own. It is mandatory! Christy didn't even have to think- she already had this cute shot in mind.... :-D

If you are interested in purchasing your own fun photo shoot during your stay you can purchase one while booking at check out! CHECK AVAILABILITY HERE

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