Dome Vibes!

Claire and Marissa booked a stay at Asheville Glamping to escape their busy lives in Greensboro and to view the Lunar Eclipse on January 20th! They booked 3 nights at Dome 1 and took advantage of a photo shoot by camp owner Joanna, to document their trip! We got lucky with a small snow fall that dusted over camp in a soft white blanket. Snow photos are my absolute favorite! We started our session inside Dome 1 where I encouraged the girls to pretend I was not there while they dove into their favorite books.

We all erupted in giggles when Acadia, Asheville Glamping's camp mascot, crashed the party and insisted on wiggling her way into some of these photos! Dome 1 is one of our two dog friendly sites- so if you want to bring your furry companion glamping with you, check out Dome 1 and the baby airstream at camp.

Most folks are Nervous when a Camera is pointing at them so I asked the girls to tell each other what their favorite part of their trip has been so far--all while ignoring me as I snapped some more candid shots

But Acadia was feeling left out again...after this Acadia was put in doggy time out ;-) She just could not help herself!

Next we headed up to Dome 3 to take some more photos at our largest Dome (Dome 1 sleeps 2 people and Dome 3 is Asheville Glamping's largests largest dome rental which sleeps up to 8!)

The view up at Dome 3 was absolutely beautiful so we snapped a few photos in the grass out front before heading inside where it was warmer!

Once inside the girls took a load off after the hike up and I asked them talk to each other about their plans for the rest of their visit.

We finished with some sweet photos from the upstairs loft before we said our goodbyes! If you are interested in reserving a photo shoot during your visit to Asheville Glamping just add a discounted photo shoot to your reservation while booking your stay here: BOOK NOW.

Don't have a reservation at one of our sites, but still want to book a photo shoot at camp? CLICK HERE for more info!

If you already reserved a stay at Asheville Glamping and want to add a photo shoot, just email Joanna at to set it up! We can't wait to meet you!

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