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 Below are our polices, along with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us before booking!

What To Expect

Cancellation Policy: Please read in full before booking. We are putting this at the top so we can get the least fun part out of the way!

Each listing on our website has its own Individual cancellation policy. Review the policy published on the listing at the time of booking- that policy will also be emailed to you in your confirmation email. The policy may occasionally vary during promotional periods- your reservation will always follow the policy on your confirmation.

Due to our limited inventory, our cancellation policy is strict and no exceptions are made.

We recommend ALL guests purchase at least a basic level trip insurance package from a third-party trip insurance provider for last minute cancellations.

Why buy trip insurance? Because no one expects to cancel when they book, the number one thing we hear from folks needing to cancel who have not purchased insurance is "we never expected to need to cancel".

We can not offer rescheduling or credits during our no refund periods.

Common reasons for canceling (and why we recommend insurance)

  1. A family member or friend passes away
  2. You fall ill with covid or another illness and are not up to visiting
  3. Your companions are not able to join you
  4. The weather is bad (no refunds are given for foul weather and all our tents are waterproof)
  5. A Hurricane or other weather related trip interruption- note hurricane season is usually between August and November- trip insurance will cover this if purchased BEFORE the hurricane has been named.
  6. There is a state of emergency and you are worried about traveling.

We do not sell trip insurance- you are welcome to purchase from the trip insurance company of your choice- one suggestion is generali insurance.


If you booked a non-refundable rate and added flexible cancellation : With the flexible cancellation add on you can cancel your reservation up to 60 days prior for a 100% refund minus the flex fee or recieve a 50% refund if cancelled at least 29 days prior. You can also reschedule your stay if rescheduled at least 45 days prior.