Q: What is your cancellation policy

A: Cancellation policy: Please read in full before booking! We are putting this at the top of our FAQ to make sure everyone is on the same page- Surprises are best reserved for gifts and birthday parties!


We will charge the full amount of the reservation to the credit card you used to make this reservation when the reservation is made. 


Trip Cancellation insurance is available via third party trip insurance companies you may purchase from and will cover you in the event you have to make a last minute cancellation due to a medical emergency or other documented covered reason by the policy you choose to purchase - please check with the insurance company of your choice for what is covered. We do not sell trip insurance. 


Due to our limited inventory, small size, and how far in advance our sites book out, our cancellation policy is strict. 


****Due to our strict cancellation policy we recommend ALL guests purchase at least the basic level of trip insurance. See Link to third party trip insurance below- There are no refunds for forfeited nights or trips cancelled during the no refund periods described below- for any reason- including fear of travel due to the corona virus - hurricane season or any other circumstances that are not in our control



We understand that no one expects to have any reason to cancel- however things do happen. As a small business we have fixed expenses. Sticking to our cancellation policy helps us ensure that we can "keep our tent flaps open" and continue creating this experience for our guests. The number one thing we hear from folks who cancel is "we never expected to have any reason to cancel" so we appreciate your understanding. 




Dome 3, Dome 6, Hikers Heaven, and the Tree house: 


Cancellation Policy:


50% of paid prepayments refundable when cancelled 120 days before arrival or earlier.

0% refundable after


All other sites: 


Cancellation Policy:

80% of paid prepayments refundable when cancelled 120 days before arrival or earlier.

50% of paid prepayments refundable when cancelled 90 days before arrival or earlier.

0% refundable if cancelled less than 90 days prior to arrival date.


Again: We strongly encourage purchasing trip insurance in case of illness, a death in the family, or any unforseen circumstances that could force you to cancel your stay. Without trip insurance there are no refunds given during the no refund periods described above. This includes any circumstances that are beyond your or our control. or for reasons that are not covered by purchased trip insurance. 


We do not allow rescheduling during our partial refund and zero refund periods.



No refunds given for events out of our control like power outages, weather and acts of god- including severe weather like that experieced during hurricane season, illness that cuts trips short. Winter- while we do our best to prevent them water can freeze during winter mornings on rare occasions.


By booking you agree that you have read and accepted our rental agreement and policies.






This insurance is offered by CSA and many other companies and must be purchased within 24 hours of booking. : http://www.csatravelprotection.com - trip insurance is not associated with Asheville Glamping in anyway. Note that most trip insurance companies do not provide insurance for fear of travel due to corona virus for trips booked after the pandemic started in March 2020. As long as we are permitted to be open, our normal cancellation policy would apply if you are cancelling due to concerns with covid-19. If we are forced to close we will modify our normal cancellation policy to issue credits good towards future stays will be issued. No refunds will be given. The same is true for Hurricaine season which occurs every year. Trip insurance will cover hurricaines, but ONLY if the trip insurance was purchased BEFORE a state of emergency is declared. Note that most trip insurance companies have temporarily suspended offering "cancel for any reason insurance". 



Our family buys trip insurance through this company every year when we vacation. We've had to use it once for a last minute cancellation due to a death in the family (which is a covered event) and they were very easy to work with- they mailed us a check within 2 weeks. 


Examples of unexpected events that could cause you to cancel your reservation : 


1.) A family member or friend passes away (covered by trip insurance, but like the other reasons in this list- we are unable to issue refunds)

2.) You are not feeling well and are not up to visit or camp 

3.) Your companions are unable to join you or you break up with your S.O. 

4.) You just don't feel like it

5.) You were attacked by a mob of angry unicorns

6.) The weather is bad or severe weather is in the forecast. No refunds are given for weather out of our control including heat, cold, or rain. 

(note all of our sites are completely water proof) 

If we are forced to close camp for any reason outside of our control we will issue future stay credits- but if camp remains open there are no refunds or credits, without trip insurance, if you can not make your scheduled visit. 

7.) A Hurricane! Note that hurricane season is usually between August and November every year- trip insurance will refund you fully in the event you can not make your planned trip due to being in an area affected by a hurricane or tropical storm.

8.) There is a state of emergency and you are worried about traveling. The highest tier of trip insurance will cover you in events of force majeure (events out of our control that make it impossible to make your trip)

9.) You don't have a reason 

10.) You test positive for covid-19 and can not travel - higher tier travel insurance will cover medical reasons for not being able to travel- you are responsible for purchasing trip insurnance to cover this. We are unfortunately unable to assume liability for covid-19 cancellations. 


Check their website for trip insurance pricing- for a weekend the cost is usually between $30 and $40 for basic insurance and higher for insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason. 


Updated April 1st 2020 to address Covid-19

Do the sites have Heat and AC?

All of our units have AC in them and Some, but not all, have a heat source (check each listing) - BUT please understand that our tents, domes, and trailers are not insulated like normal homes! This means that the heat and or AC can only raise or lower the temp by 10-25 degrees.


To Illustrate: if it is 20 degrees out in November you are NOT going to be able to get a tent or dome to 70 degrees- it is not possible. You need to dress appropriately and plan for colder weather camping. They have heated blankets in the cold months for this reason to keep you toasty when you're sleeping. Likewise- during the summer when it's 90 degrees in the middle of the day the inside of the tent is still going to be hot when the sun is direclty overhead (the AC's work best in the evening, overnight, and in the early morning) 


We understand that this may be common sense to some folks but one of our main priorities is making sure folks arrive with accurate and realistic expectations.


This is still camping with some added comforts- this is not a hotel room. 


The two exceptions are the nest treehouse and the "bird house" guest house which are both built and insulated like normal homes so they maintain the temps the heat and ac are set to. 

Will there be BUGS?

A: Most definately. We put this section about bugs in two places in our FAQ because it's that important to us that you read this prior to booking. 


This is still camping and unlike a sealed home or a nylon camping tent our tents and trailers are not 100% bug proof. Though our spaces are clean- we guarantee that you are going to see bugs at some point during your stay. Guaranteed Folks or your money back! 


FACT: Bugs outnumber humans on planet earth.


Did you know that there are 400 MILLION insects per acre of land in the United States? It's true. That means we have billions of bugs on our properties. Statistically speaking, it's going to be really hard to avoid them.


We do not spray poison on our grounds (insecticides) because they are proven to be harmful to humans and pets. 


So if running into some ants, spiders, some daddy long legs, ticks during tick season stink bugs during stink bug season or any other bug is going to make you "bug out" ...this isn't for you :) Please understand in advance that there are no refunds for the presence of bugs. 

Q: What are your addresses? Can I come take a tour?

A: We give registered guests our addresses. The location listed on map is nearby our location, within 2 miles to assist you with planning, but is not our exact location. Unlike a typical public campground our sites are private. For our sanity and the privacy of our guests we are not open to unregistered guests. We are unable to offer tours. When our addresses were published our property started to resemble a drive through zoo....for some reason a lot of curious people want to come visit us...go figure right? ;-)

Q: 15 acre property sites and location description.

A: Our 15 acre property is home to the

1.)Dome 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

2.) Safari tent 

3.) The Glaminal

4.) Our Nest Tree house

5.) Deluxe bell tent #2


This property has cows as neighbors, great mountain views, and a view of our little frog pond from most sites. It's surrounded by horse and cattle farms so neighbors are not close and mostly rolling green hills vs forested. It's also just a mile up the road from the french broad river and a mile and a half to the river park and short hiking trails. you can see a few neighbors houses off in the distance on the little knolls outside of the properties borders. The drive to downtown from there takes about 18 minutes. Please note that the Glaminal, Rosie, and Baby airstream have a group firepit they are corralled around.


Q: 3 acre urban property sites and location description (Silver Bettie and Deluxe Bell tent #1)

A: Our 3 acre urban property is home to: 


1.) The Silver Bettie

2.) The deluxe bell tent


This was the first property camp started out on before we purchased our 2nd larger property. We now have two sites remaining here which have been guest favorites since we opening in 2012.




This 3 acre property is located within a densely populated urban area conveniently located just 5 miles to downtown and only 2 miles to Haywood road. Our 3 acre property is not in a wealthy neighborhood--the EXACT opposite-ie- very low income (we are zoned open use) and that is reflected in the condition of neglected houses and older mobile homes/trailers on the drive in. However- our neighbors are good people and this 3 acre property is perfectly safe- We lived here for over 3 years and have two staff who currently live on the property. Once you drive into our property you'll find that all of our sites there are as pictured and private from each other. 


We describe the surrounding area not to scare you away, but simply so you know what to expect on the drive in- Folks who arrive on this property knowing the drive in is UGLY appreciate these sites much more than folks who are expecting our larger rural property!!


If you read the above and have any hesitations or are looking for a more rural experience please check out the other sites on our 15 acre property. Our #1 priority is for our guests to enjoy their stay which is why we are being crystal clear transparent. 


You might also see some of our current vintage trailer restoration projects at the entrance to our property. 


If you need any clarification about any of our properties please call prior to booking at 828-450-9745 we are glad to help!


Q: Hikers Heaven Location and description

hikers heaven is our newest offering at Asheville Glamping and it also includes our personal guest house. This is a 1,400 square foot home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a small kitchen. It is just one mile from the blue ridge parkway and the mountains to sea trail and just 10 miles from downtown asheville on a beautiful property. 


Q: Does "Glamping" Mean it's nothing like Camping?



Let me try again: "GOOD LAWWWWD NO!!" ;-)


--Let me preface this section by saying that we'd rather have our guests arrive with lower expectations and be pleasantly surprised than arrive with unrealistic expectations and be dissapointed. It may sound like we are trying to scare you off- but really we are just trying to filter out the folks who just wouldn't enjoy this experience. We want you to enjoy your stay! We've found that people who read our mandatory reading/FAQ are happier.


We started working on our business in 2010 and opened in 2012. Back then the word Glamping was brand new and the term was first used by a camp on the internet by the pioneer of glamping herself: Mary Jane Butters who started a awesome glamping camp of tent cabins on her property. Mary Jane offered beautiful tent cabins with wood floors and comfortable beds- they also came with no electricity, a bathroom with composting toilets, and cast iron tubs that you could heat water in with a little stove beneath the tub. Mary Jane Butters wrote the book on glamping (literally...you'll find a copy of it in some of our rentals! or you can buy your own copy by clicking here: Buy "Glamping with Mary Jane"


Since Mary Jane opened her glamping camp up in 2004 many others have followed just like us. Glamping has a wide definition these days and it's anything from not sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground to the highest luxury imaginable like what is offered at the Resort at Paws up in Montana where you can stay in a tent cabin for $1,500 a night and enjoy catered meals, a personal s'more chef, and cattle drives on the property (we are not knocking that experience at all btw- they are an amazing luxury camp!).


So what do we define as glamping? Glamping with us is still camping (which we love btw) with some, but not all, added amenities like comfortable beds and seating- sites that are already set up for you- some sites having hot tubs- some sites having air conditioning etc... however....WE ARE NOT A 5 STAR RESORT! We want folks to arrive with accuracte expectations so we work hard to be crystal clear transparent. As the word "Glamping" has grown in popularity we realize that we have started to attract some folks who woud not go camping for a million dollars and think that Glamping is nothing like camping and more like staying at the Hilton. If you wouldn't camp....you probably will not enjoy a stay here :)


If you have any questions or are on the fence we'd rather you call us at 828-450-9745 rather than booking and hoping for the best. We find that those who arrive with accuracte expectations have a blast....but those who are expecting the Hilton in the woods end up wishing they booked a stay at the Hilton in the city ;-)


Q: Will there be Bugs?!

A: Yup. This is still camping and unlike a sealed home or a nylon camping tent our tents and trailers are not 100% bug proof. Though our spaces are clean- we guarantee that you are going to see bugs at some point during your stay. Guaranteed Folks or your money back! 


FACT: Bugs outnumber humans on planet earth.


Did you know that there are 400 MILLION insects per acre of land in the United States? It's true. That means we have billions of bugs on our properties. Statistically speaking, it's going to be really hard to avoid them.


We do not spray poison on our grounds (insecticides) because they are proven to be harmful to humans and pets. 


So if running into some ants, spiders, some daddy long legs, ticks during tick season stink bugs during stink bug season or any other bug is going to make you "bug out" ...this isn't for you :) Please understand in advance that there are no refunds for the presence of bugs.


This is probably the most important thing on our FAQ so we figured it could not hurt to include it twice. 


Q: Is Glamping Right for Me?

A. So while most people enjoy glamping with us very much, and return to us on future trips, glamping is not for everyone.


"WHAAATT?!!! Why are you telling us this? Don't the owners of Asheville Glamping want everyone to come and spend their money on booking a stay?...what kind of business says their service isn't for everyone???"


We started this business because we absolutely LOVE building, enjoying, and SHARING our fun whimsical dwellings. The most important thing to us is having guests who are going to have a great time during their stay. We want you to depart with memories that will make you smile when looked back upon...that's our number one priority before making money. You have fun- we have fun...see, it's a win win!! 


Visiting Asheville Glamping is a unique experience with some, but not all amenities offered. Please read our entire FAQ to decide whether or not its an experience you'd enjoy!


So, in our experience, what characteristics tend to describe people who LOVE Glamping?



  • People who like an adventure and trying new things!


  • People who are generally described as positive and fun loving!


  • People who have had some previous positive camping experience but would love to enjoy more creature comforts while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors-glamping is still camping!


  • People who enjoy unique experiences!


  • You are super excited about staying in a cool vintage trailer, yurt, or glamping tent! You're thinking "this is going to be AWESOME!!!!"


Does this describe you? We can't wait to have you!!! :-D


And Who has tended to not Enjoy Glamping?


  • Most of our guests have a fantastic time and make plans to return...but we've found that anyone who is seriously wrestling with the idea of whether or not glamping is for them will not fully enjoy themselves (sounds like common sense, but it's something to consider) If you are not super excited about it right off the bat before you even book...you are less likely to enjoy yourself once it's actually time to glamp!



  • You've never been camping or even entertained the idea of going camping- you generally prefer to stay in hotels and love knowing exactly what to expect from a hotel chain experience.



  • The idea of running across a bug or insect makes you want to run screaming!! (by nature our structures are not sealed up tight like houses so occasionally a spider or an ant (or several) might make his or her way in to say hello!). Keeping tent doors zipped up and doors closed will help keep the majority of them out---but if this sounds like a deal breaker for you, you might want to consider a hotel or traditional structure ;-).


  • Someone who arrives with false expectations and has not read through our entire FAQ.


If Glamping isn't for you that's ok! There are so many wonderful Hotels and traditional vacation rentals in the area! :)

Q: Do you allow Pets?

A:We currently have two dog friendly rentals and you will see a paw mark under the amenities sections for those sites : 


1.) Dome 1 AND


2.) Dome 5 the MINI star Dome (*not dome 2, 3, 4, or 6 or any of our other sites)


Dogs are not allowed in any of our other rentals and there are absolutely no exceptions. We appreciate you understanding. 


Note that pets can not be left alone in our pet friendly units- not even crated so please know you will need to take your pets with you during all of your day time excursions. 


Please respect our property by bringing plastic bags to clean up after your pet and leave the space clean for future guests- ****all dogs must be leashed at ALL times while on the property. 


*****If you arrive with a pet at one of our sites that is not pet friendly you will be asked to leave and the remainder of your reservation will not be refunded. You will also be automatically charged an extra $50 fee. We do not make exceptions to our pet policy at our sites that do not allow pets- thank you for understanding.



Q. #1 Rule - You MUST agree to before booking.

A: We want you to have FUN! That's why we created Asheville Glamping and our awesome guests are why we continue! We also want to have fun. By booking you are confirming that you read the FAQ and you are going to be a 5 Star guest. If you have any issues or are unhappy you are going to call us on the phone immediately like a good friend so we can get you back to happy (no texting- no emails- a phone call :-D). You're going to treat us and our spaces the way you would like to be treated or have your things treated.


Golden Rule Folks.


To shoot it to you straight: We have a no jerk policy. If you are a jerk you can't book here- we do not negotiate with terrorists. 


Q: Which Sites are Kid/family friendly?


-Dome 6

-The Silver Bettie

-Our Safari tent

-The Glaminal 

-The Deluxe Bell tent #1


Note that we count kids in the head count for maximum site occupany so if a kid friendly site says 4 people we do not allow extra extra kids to sleep on the floor etc. Thank you for respecting this rule. 


Why are our other sites not kid friendly? Do we hate kids? We actually love kids. Most of our other sites either only sleep 2 people or are in areas where we have geographical hazards we consider unsafe for kiddos. 

Q: Can I bring my own tent or trailer or set up an extra tent?

Unfortunately no. We just don't have the room for regular tent campers and we do not allow extra tents to be set up around one of our existing sites. 

Q: Can I have extra people sleep on the floor?

A: No. We only allow the max occupancy listed at each site. 

Q: How old do I need to be to book?

A: You must be at least 21 years old to book. 

Q: Do you have coupon codes

On occasion we release coupon codes to our email subscriber list. Coupon codes are valid only for the dates they are issued for. Codes must be used at the time of booking and entered into the code field at check out to recieve the discount. Codes can not be applied retroactively to existing reservations. 

Q: What time is check in and check out?


Check in is anytime after 4pm


Check out is by 10am


Early check ins and late check outs are not possible. There is no need to arrive here right at 4pm, we do all self check in so late arrivals are not an issue. 

Q: Can I smoke?

There is no smoking inside any of our units! Please Please do not smoke inside. Smoking is allowed outside only. We ask that you bring a container for storing your cigarette butts rather than throwing them on the ground or in the firepit (where we have to pick them out after you leave...!) Thank you! 


Can I have a photo shoot here?

You can! There is a $100 site fee for ALL photoshoots on our property in addition to the cost of your reservation. You must pay this site fee in advance here: Click to pay site fee This must be paid prior to scheduling a photographer to shoot here. Please note the site you are staying at and the dates in the notes section while paying the site fee. 


The site fee must be paid in full before the reservation.


The site fee does not apply to our own photography packages which can be purchased here: On Site Photo Shoots 


Photography policy for our own photo shoots: Photo shoots can be cancelled for a full refund up to 48 hours prior to your reservation. There are no refunds for photo shoots cancelled less than 48 hours prior.


If you are a photographer interested in shooting at Asheville Glamping please contact us at fun@ashevilleglamping.com for available dates and our site fee. 


Commercial Photography: Please email us at fun@ashevilleglamping for commercial photography rates (distributed advertising for large brands)


Q: Do sites have WIFI?

A: We encourage our guests to unplug during their visit. In that spirit there is no wifi at any of our sites though there is good Verizon cell phone service on all our properties. 


Q: What is the bathroom situtation at each site.

A: Half of our sites used a shared bath house and half of our sites have private bathrooms with no running water. Each site is different and the bathroom details are listed under the description for that site on our book now page. Please make sure to read every descritpion in full prior to booking. If you need clarification just call or email. 


Many of our sites use a shared rustic bath house. 

Q: Do you provide meals/food?

A: We do not provide meals or food, but all of our properties are a short drive to great eateries and grocery stores. Many of our sites have refrigerators for storing food. Make sure to read the description of each site to see which amenities are available for that site.

Q: Which sites have hot tubs?


1.)The Silver Bettie 

2.) Deluxe bell tent

3.) Deluxe bell tent 2 on the Deck

4.) Dome 4

5.) Dome 6

Q: What about water?

All of our sites either have their own bathroom or use a shared bath house. We do have sites that require bringing your own drinking water: the bell tents, domes and tent cabin for example do not have running water directly at the site.


Keep in mind that if you are renting sites during the shoulder months of November and March that water is subject to freezing as our water pipes are not as insulated as in a normal home. Water may be unavailble at night or during the day if freezing temps are present. 

Q: Do all sites have heat and AC?

all of our sites have air conditoning though not all of our sites have heat. Look under each listing for specific amenities. 


Please be aware that in the middle of the day an uninsulated tent site is going to be hotter even with AC- this is not an issue for most of our guests as they are out exploring the area when the sun is direclty overhead. However if you intend of being inside a tent during the sunniest parts of the day-- be aware that it's going to be warm. The air condtioners do a great job at keeping the tents comfy in the early evening, overnight, and morning. 

Q: How do I Check in and do I need a Key?

We do all self check in so you can go straight to your site when you arrive. Check in is anytime after 4pm and check out is by 10am. 


None of our rentals or tents have keys/lockable doors. If you are concerned about valuables we recommend bringing any valuables you are worried about with you in your car- though our property is perfectly safe and not public to through traffic. 



Q: Can I Elope or have a wedding at Asheville Glamping?

Thanks for your interest in having your ceremony at Asheville Glamping! We currently offer elopements only. We do not rent the entire property for weddings. Couples eloping here are responsible for obtaining all their own outside vendors.




**Please note you must write us for permission and pay the elopement fee before scheduling your elopement at Asheville Glamping.


We often have couples elope at Asheville Glamping at their own site which they have rented. Our two night minimum applies along with an additional $500 elopement fee. On site elopements are limited to the couple and up to 6 people (including the actual couple, officiant, photographer, and any witnesses). Please contact us at fun@ashevilleglamping.com or call us at 828-450-9745 to schedule an elopement.


Q: Can I rent just a few sites and have a small wedding at Asheville Glamping

Unfortunately, No. To ensure all of our guests staying at Asheville Glamping have an equal experience we have decieded to only host single site elopements. 


How far is Asheville Glamping from the Asheville and Charlotte airports?

The Asheville Regional Airport is actually in Arden NC and we are just under a half hours drive at 27 miles away. The Charlotte airport is 2 hours away. 


What should I bring with me?

  • All sites come with one bath towel per person listed on the reservation. We do not provide hand towels etc. If your site has a hot tub you may wish to bring extra towels specfically for the hot tub. 


  • beds come with sheets and blankets but bring sheets for pull out couches if your site has them (the Mega Dome has two pull out sofa beds and the 4 person Safari tent has a pull out sofa bed). 


  • The bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper but bring your own personal toiletries like bath soap and shampoo/conditoner. 


  • Paper plates, utensils, cups etc. Many of our sites do not have kitchens with sinks- if yours does not make sure you bring any paperware or utensils you will need when cooking on the grill etc. 


  • If your site does not have a kitchen with running water make sure to bring your own drinking water or a container to fill up at the spigot that is on the bath house. 


  • Comfortable shoes for walking to your site- sneakers are great and you'll proabably also want to use them on some of great hiking trails in and around asheville! 


  • If you purchased firewood make sure to bring fire making items like a lighter, fire starter, newspaper etc. 


  • Bug spray at night for hanging by the campfire. Though we do not notice many mosquitos, it can't hurt to be prepared. Please note we do not allow bug spray to be sprayed inside our tents and trailers as they damage surfaces- especially the windows of the domes. 


  • Sunscreen for hiking and being outside during the summer! No one likes a sunburn on vacation :) 


  • Flashlight. Having a flashlight can come in handy when walking to and from your site or the bathroom at night. Most of our sites have electricity inside them with lights (with the exception of our two hike in sites) but the grounds outside are not lit up.

 © Asheville Glamping 2020