good enough to eat

Katie Button

Curate chef: Featured in food and wine Magazine 

Visit Curate on Biltmore rd in asheville and try 

Katies amazing Tapas!

From Fine Dining to tasty Tacos--Asheville Chefs have what it takes to make your taste buds happppppy!​


The Beer in Asheville has recieved a lot of media attention, but that's not the only thing Asheville is famous for, we also have a huge number of eateries to make your mouth water!


Here are just a few of our favorites with a link to all of Ashevilles Dining options!:


CURATE AND ZAMBRAS: Asheville has two amazing eateries serving delicious spanish won't be dissapointed! 


THE LUCKY OTTER: This is our favorite place to get a great burrito and a tasty margherita. My ultimate favorite burrito? The Elvis! Peanutbutter sauce with chicken and bacon!


PLANT: Vegetarian? You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the delicious Veggie dishes served up by Plant!


POSANA: Do you have to adhere to a Gluten Free diet? You can stick to Gluten free and not sacrafice flavor when you dine at Posana!  Everything on Posanas menu is prepared without Gluten although since they don't market themselves as Gluten free, most diners never know the difference!


REZAZ: This is my favorite eatery in Asheville hands down. A fine dining experience with outstanding staff, Rezaz is the place to go when you are in the mood to splurge or you want to dress up and impress your sweetie! 



BISCUIT HEAD: The south just wouldn't be the south without our biscuits and this West Asheville eatery (just 2.5 miles from the Yurt) boasts about their "cat head biscuits"....biscuits as big as a cats head! If the biscuits don't keep you coming back for more, their jam and butter bar will. Biscuit head makes their own in house jams and feature creative concoctions like "banana chocolate jam" or "strawberry rubarb butter" 



CHORIZO: Creative and delicious latin food with just the right mix of sweet and savory--it's food art. The other day I discovered that, in addition to lunch and dinner,  Chorizo also serves breakfast. Every two weeks for the last few months my friend Don Fosson and I eat breakfast together---trying to not re-visit the same eatery. I thought we ran out of breakfast joints until a google search mentioned Chorizo on an asheville breakfast list. Their breakfast is AMAZING! I had oat pancakes with whipped cream and apricot preserves...with steak and eggs. Don had, what looked like two mouth watering cheese pupusas....we were very happy diners indeed.


MELAFine Indian food. Going to Mela reminds me of my childhood because our friends and neighbors, the Popets, were always cooking with Curry. I was a fussy little kid with a strong aversion to trying new things and I loathed the smell of Curry that wafted up and down our street. I also gagged in the grocery store when we neared the fish department. I'm all grown up now and guess what?! My favorite dishes are curries and Sushi--go figure! Try their delicous Tandoori Chicken!